20 Things We Love About Road Cycling

1.  The ability to feel the rider behind you- and realize he/she is no longer there

2.  Setting out for a ride on that first Spring day with no destination in mind or any time constraints

3.  The relationship that began…with a ride

4.  The wedding that took place because of …the ride

5.  After 25 years, “a couple” who still delights in riding because of that first ride together

6.  Watching the Tour de France and imagining it really was you

7.  Deciding to change the wheel yourself because you’re that confident

8.  Great killer quads, calves and not to mention the “tight buns” you have.  Ooh lala

9.  Thankful for the car drivers who really are cautious of you

10. Knowing how to lean 2 bikes against each other without them tipping

11. Seeing your kid get into the sport too

12. Hearing someone tell you “Nice Pull”

13. Joining your first riding club

14. Thursday afternoon, at work…looking forward to the weekend ride- wishing it was 5am Sat morning

15. Walking your bike by the saddle. Really?

16. Waiting…waiting…for the other riders

17. The first winter ride where you’re wearing shorts and a jersey. What a feeling!

18. Dropping the friend who always drops you

19. Beauty of aluminum- lightweight

20. Conversing among those that just love cycling! First time rider, someone who has been riding for 20+ years...all ages- love it!

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