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New USAmade CONTROL 110/130 38,40,42 & 44 Tooth Line

You asked for chain control technology in larger tooth counts for cyclocross. Announcing the new USAmade CONTROL line of 110/130 BCD Narrow-Wide Chainrings in the most popular CX sizes of 38, 40, 42 and 44 tooth counts.  You know this chainring was designed for YOU when: you were passed by a racer older than your dad while trying to get your chain back on you spend almost as much time cleaning the mud off your bike and body as it takes to compete the race you were asked by a 9 year old rider if you needed help to cross the road during the last race the crowd is yelling for you to return to the pits for a rider change But...

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20 Things We Love About Road Cycling

1.  The ability to feel the rider behind you- and realize he/she is no longer there 2.  Setting out for a ride on that first Spring day with no destination in mind or any time constraints 3.  The relationship that began…with a ride 4.  The wedding that took place because of …the ride 5.  After 25 years, “a couple” who still delights in riding because of that first ride together 6.  Watching the Tour de France and imagining it really was you 7.  Deciding to change the wheel yourself because you’re that confident 8.  Great killer quads, calves and not to mention the “tight buns” you have.  Ooh lala 9.  Thankful for the car drivers who really are cautious of...

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