I was asked, "Does anyone even care that your products are Made-In-The-USA?" It really made me think...

The bicycle industry is like many other industries and only a tiny fraction of bicycles sold in the United States are actually made here.

So what happened?  Whoever had the lowest price for a given quality level won the sale.  Producing bicycles in the USA in the 1980-90's was getting more and more expensive.  Wages, taxes, raw materials, utilities, insurance, etc. all were going up. Companies trying to stay alive took their technology to places with low wages, low regulation and economic subsidies. Bicycle prices stabilized at a lower level and consumers were happy.  It was all good, right?

What happened here was that all those manufacturing employees were out of jobs and American factories closed!

Here at USAMade Components, we are attempting to re-write history.  We know hiring skilled local people is the right thing to do for the USA.  Our employees venture out in the community and support other local businesses.  They shop in neighborhood grocery stores, eat in local restaurants, pay local taxes, and support local charities.  They are Little League coaches, church choir singers, Girl Scout Leaders, etc. Our team has a multiplying effect on our community. Plus, we are making some of the best performance products in this industry at incredibly affordable prices.

  • USAMade Components is producing high quality products at reasonable prices
  • You can feel good about your purchase, knowing it is supporting a hard working local community.

Thank you for buying USAMade!




  • Unique "Shark tooth" design on all models for enhanced shifting performance and chain retention
  • Unique alternating "Thick-Thin" tooth profile for excellent chain retention
    • Fully CNC machined with aircraft grade alloys for lightweight strength
    • Manufactured in plant certified to ISO 9001 : 2008 Standard
    • 100% Proudly Made In-the-USA
    • High value performance