OVAL BB30/GXP 34T ST Mountain Chainring
OVAL BB30/GXP 34T ST Mountain Chainring
OVAL BB30/GXP 34T ST Mountain Chainring

OVAL BB30/GXP 34T ST Mountain Chainring

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  • Sharktooth Oval Collection
  • Greatly improved tire traction and enhanced climbing ability
  • Sram BB30 / PF30 Short Spindle
  • Combine with our 6mm offset GXP adaptor (order separately) to fit Sram GXP® and BB30 Long spindle
  • 34 tooth ring (Chainring has 0mm offset )
  • Alternating "Thick-Thin" tooth profile for chain retention- the latest technology
  • Sharktooth - No Chain Drop tooth profile for all conditions chain retention
  • Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum Alloy (Ideal for 1X drivetrain set-up)
  • Full CNC machined construction
  • Teflon coated surface treatment provides quiet and friction free service
  • Black anodized finish
  • Comes with 6mm offset Sharktooth Pro GXP Adaptor
  • Proudly Made In-The-USA! 
  • Weight: 82g

Advantages of our Oval chainrings:

Our Oval chainrings maximize rider efficiency by leveraging your pedal stroke where your power is produced and reducing resistance where your power is least. 

  • Oval rings improve tire traction on technical climbs or loose terrain.
  • They offer a consistent power delivery that allows you to maintain an even cadence and a higher output level for longer periods of time.
  • Oval rings allow you to climb easier and faster with less fatigue.
  • Higher average speeds have also been achieved in various studies. 
  • Oval rings provide a smoother feel on your legs during climbing
  • The power output attained during intermittent maximal sprints in one study was 2.4% - 6.7% greater with non-circular (Oval) chainrings.